The Brand

Naked Face, Happy Face

Greetings my name is Katara , the owner of Pure Naked, Pure Naked is a blend of 100 % natural ingredients that will bring out the natural beauty in you. Pure Naked started as a home remedy in 1992 by my great grandmother to help my very dry and sensitive skin. After buying different types of over the corner lotions and creams to help with my dry skin, my great grandmother decided to try a different approach. She would steam different herbs other natural ingredients together that her grandma would make for her when she was a child. The results were amazing and she continued to make them for me over the years throughout my teenage years. Today that same home remedy is still being used, YES that remedy is PURE NAKED.


Katara Baker, CEO, Pure Naked

What You Need To Know 
Have you ever wondered what cause dry skin and acne? Well many people does not know that your skin is your biggest organ and it needs more attention than your internal organs being that it is being exposed to germs in the air with direct contact. Like your internal organs your skin requires vitamins as well. 


Everyone skin is different, we each have our do’s and Do not’s to make the skin work. What works for my skin may not work for your skin, and vs Vera. The key to your skin is to let it be it’s natural self and allow your nutrients to planish and flourish. Once you learn what works for you, continue to do that same routine every other day. Not every day because your skin will start to become stressed and start to kill of it’s protein, which will make it dry or too oily. Skin being too oily can cause acne, or blackheads in your skin. Skin that does not receive enough protein and vitamins usually become dry skin. Like every other living organ, your skin needs to be hydrated and loved. 

Katara Baker, CEO, Pure Naked